Cedar mulch

Using Cedar Mulch: Advantages and Disadvantages

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Cedar mulch is a type of mulch that is very suitable for use in growing perennial ornamental plants to decorate your garden. Among the advantages of cedar mulch and other mulch is being able to improve soil structure, inhibit the growth of grass, weeds. However, cedar mulch still has advantages and disadvantages as other mulches.

Next we look more closely at cedar mulch, especially related to the advantages and disadvantages of each.

The Advantages of Cedar Mulch

What are the benefits and benefits of using cedar mulch? Cedar and mulch from other bark have advantages such as long-lasting, damage over time and make it a nutrient in the soil. In addition, cedar mulch can also get rid of insects from your garden.

With these amazing benefits, we no longer need to use pesticides to kill insects. If you want to get cedar mulch, you can contact the plant nursery center, and the garden center. Cedar and other bark mulch are also very important as a medium to maintain soil moisture and prevent water evaporation.

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The Disadvantages of Cedar Mulch

Now that we know some of the advantages of cedar mulch, its the time to see what the cedar mulch lacks.

Cedar mulch, although it is good and decays over time, it takes quite a long time compared to ordinary bark mulch. So, cedar is less effective in returning nutrients to the soil because the time needed is very long.

Indeed, cedar mulch can prevent insects from entering, but not all insects are afraid, besides that there are also insects that are important for dispelling pests but cannot enter because of this cedar mulch.

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After we pay attention to the two things between strengths and weaknesses. So this mulch is not bad, and is not superior compared to the others.

So, we can use cedar mulch if we really need and need to cover the soil to avoid it from rolling, maintaining soil moisture and others. The problem of soil fertility, we don’t need to expect from mulch, we can use other materials to fertilize it because we know cedar mulch takes a long time to process as compost.