Buffalo Grass Lawns

Buffalo Grass Lawns: How to PLant and Care Buffalo Grass

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Buffalo grass is an easy-care and easy-to-grow perennial plant. It is a plant native to Montana to New Mexico. Buffalo grass is spread by stolons and was first thought of as grass in the 1930s. This grass has its own expensive history, but with a few tips and knowledge about planting it, you can bring buffalo grass where you want it. Before we explain further about buffalo grass, let’s first see what is buffalo grass?

What is Buffalo Grass?

Buffalo grass is native to North America and it not only functions as native grass but also functions as grass lawns. Buffalo grass is resistant to cold and hot weather, which is why it is called warm season grass. This grass planting can be done from seeds, stem plugs. Besides being easy to grow, maintenance is also lacking. Care by pruning is also very rarely done, so this grass only grows and makes green yards and gardens and is resistant to various seasons.

For those of you who have sheep or buffalo or cows, you can use this grass as animal feed, you can graze your buffalo in the pasture. This warm season grass will turn brown during the transitional period or during fall. Then in spring, they began to grow again and turn green as the weather warms. The growing period is from Mai to September.

When growing, this plant forms smooth grass with a bluish green color. The growth will continue to enlarge and increase until it reaches 8-10 inches. The flowers are like a pistil, and the blades are slightly curled. Buffalo grass is best suited for planting in areas with low humidity. There are new types and cultivars of this plant that are more resistant, it is resistant to weeds, and it requires less watering, in contrast to the traditional buffalo grass which requires more intensive care.

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Planting Buffalo Grass

Do you want to plant buffalo grass? If so, you should know the information about this buffalo grass planting. There is an ideal time to plant grass this warm season, a suitable time for sowing buffalo grass seeds is April to May. You can try planting from soda or from grass seeds. If planting from Sod, it must be from grass that is dominated by female grass so that male heads do not appear.

For an area of ​​1000 square feet, you can sow seeds of 4 to 6 pounds or about 1.8-2.7 kg. If the soil has the right moisture, it will grow to its full potential within a few months. When growing this grass from sod, the coiled grass must be wet or damp so that it does not get good moisture when planting.

The important thing in planting buffalo grass is to control the planting area, whether there is stagnant water, good humidity, or partially not exposed to water at all.

How to Care Buffalo Grass

Buffalo grass only needs low maintenance and it does not need to be over-treated, because with excessive care it can sometimes damage its growth. In spring, you can apply 1 pound or 5 kg of nitrogen fertilizer for an area of ​​1000 square feet. Then in the following month, you can return to the same fertilizer with the same level.

No need for excessive watering. You only need to water it once a week with a little water. Buffalo grass requires minimal water. Next, mow once a week if your grass is growing healthily.

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One of the characteristics of buffalo grass is that it is not dense. So, it is often attacked by weeds, if possible, you can eradicate the weeds manually, using your hands, don’t forget to use gloves.