The Best Way to Store Apples to Keep Them Fresh

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The best way to store apples – The “Beauty of Bath” and “Worcester Pearmain” variety of apples are usually harvested from September to October. This fruit is not durable like a pumpkin. If you want to consume it in fresh form, you must do it in two weeks after harvest. Storing in the refrigerator usually lasts only a few weeks.

But there are other varieties that are late in harvesting, these are ‘Newton Wonder’ and ‘Ashmead’s Kernel’ which was harvested in November, if stored properly, it can last throughout the winter.

To save, choose apples that are strong and not damaged, apples that are damaged if stored will be moldy and will infect other fruits. Check regularly the apples you store, if you get a broken apple immediately separate it with a good apple.

Here are some options that you can consider storing apples well.

The Best Way to Store Apples

The variety of apples that are harvested in November, if properly handled can last throughout the winter. The following ingredients you need:

  • Old newspaper
  • Apple rack
  • Plastic bags
  • Filing tray

The first

Put the apple in clear plastic and store it in the fridge for a week.

Best Way to Store Apples

The second

To store apples during winter, wrap each apple with newsprint. Place it on the tray. There is a cheap alternative to apple racks, use the old filing tray, if necessary use more layers.

Best Way to Store Apples

The Third

Using an apple rack, this is perfect if you have large amounts of apples. Apple shelves allow you to store more apples and this storage allows air to flow between layers, so you don’t need to wrap each apple.

the Best Way to Store Apples

All tips that mentioned above are suitable for Home-grown apple because the apples have to store directly after its harvest.

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