Best Bathroom Plants for Planting in Moist Areas

10 Best Bathroom Plants for Planting in Moist Areas

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Ornamental plants are increasingly in demand, now not only grown outside the home but also inside the house. Even now it is a trend to grow ornamental plants in the bathroom. Planting plants in the bathroom should not be arbitrary, but it must be a plant that is truly moisture resistant or even plants that like damp places.

If you plant the right plants in the bathroom, then your bathroom feels like a personal oasis. Imagine, your bathroom is full of plants, this really is like a vacation spot at home.

So, there are special ornamental plants that can flourish in damp places. Among the plants that grow in humid places are Sill, Bloomscape, Urban Sprouts, Costa Farms. That’s some of the best and popular plants planted in the bathroom. Below we will see firsthand, what are the best plants for the bathroom.

10 Best Bathroom Plants

1. Golden Pothos

Best Bathroom Plants for Planting in Moist Areas

Golden Pothos is a vines that is very suitable for planting in the bathroom. This plant is resistant to sunlight, ranging from moderate to hot sunlight as long as the light does not directly hit it. The leaves usually turn brown if it grows in a dry place. Golden Pothos might be an option to make an oasis in your room.

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2. Bathroom plants; Calathea

The next bathroom plant is Calathea. This plant can tolerate moderate and indirect light until the air is humid. If placed in the bathroom with a humid air, such as calathea plants are very suitable for growing. The leaves are beautiful, this will add beauty and naturalization to your bathroom.

3. Snake Plant

Bathroom plants snake plants

Snake Plant is a plant with large pointed leaves, and thick. It is resistant to moisture and does not require complicated care. Snake Plant also includes plants that are planted in pots and placed in the room, this is also one of the plants that can attract toxic substances in the air.

If planted in the bathroom, Snake Plant will provide its own beauty. It is very good to live in indirect, moderate and bright light and the bathroom is a place that provides indirect light.

4. Bathroom plants: Monstera

The next best bathroom plant is Monstera. Monstera is a plant that can adapt itself in various different places. The beautiful and unique leaves invite their own charm. Its ability to adapt makes the Monstera plant one of the best choices for planting in the bathroom. This plant can also live in a place with low light, but he likes bright light that is not direct.

5. Watermelon Peperomia

To add to the appeal in the bathroom, you can add plants that like warm and humid places, this is Watermelon Peperomia. This plant also likes smog in the bathroom, so it is very fitting if planted in a humid place like the bathroom.

6. Bamboo

The bamboo is also one of the best plants for impact in the bathroom. Bamboo usually grows in watery places and it is not complicated in care. This plants will give a feel like a private SPA at home.

Bamboo, including plants that can tolerate low light. So, if your bathroom is not enough light, it can still grow well. To determine what type of bamboo will be planted, see some bamboo varieties.

7. Heart Leaf Philodendron

In addition to bamboo, plants that are easy to care for and like moist areas such as bathrooms are the Heart Leaf Philodendron. Beginners can also plant this plant because it grows easily.

8. Bathroom plants: Alocasia

Alocasia is another plant that is easy to grow in humid places, the bathroom may be one of the places suitable for this plant. Alocasia plants are also very fond of drizzle, if you decide to plant it in the bathroom, then close to the shower is the choice so that when bathing, drizzle water exposed to this plant.

9. Air Plant

Even though it’s called a water plant, it doesn’t mean this plant only needs a lot of air and doesn’t need water. In fact, water plants really need water and moisture, so they are categorized as the best plants in the bathroom.

Water plants like moisture but they also need bright light that is not direct. If in the bathroom, you can put it next to the window (if your bathroom has a window).

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10. Tradescantia Zebrina

Tradescantia Zebrina best bethroom plant

In the last place there are tradescantia zebrina plants as the best plants in the bathroom. The tradescantia zebrina plant is a plant that is very fond of humidity, you can be sure it can flourish in your bathroom. The purple leaves not only provide beauty but are also very easy to care for and maintain fertility.

Those are some of the best bathroom flower plants, hopefully it will be your idea in decorating the bathroom or making the bathroom seem natural.