Avocado Tree Care - How To Plant An Avocado Tree

Avocado Tree Care – How To Plant An Avocado Tree

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Avocado Tree Care – Avocados are fruiting plants which are one of the sources of nutrients and vitamins. Avocados are usually used as a salad, and as fresh juice in the summer. Planting avocados is a good idea to get fresh avocados, but for Americans, this is not possible because of frost sensitivity.

However, you can plant avocados in the room to prevent the outdoor atmosphere. You can plant in a pot or outdoors which is protected from freezing. Avocado trees need warm temperatures and bright sunlight to grow well. Planting avocados in pots can facilitate maintenance because trees in pots usually do not grow as high as those planted on the ground.

Avocado Tree Care - How To Plant An Avocado Trees

Avocado Information

Avocado planting is the best way to get fresh and organic fruit for your family. Avocados have several varieties such as medium, large and dwarf varieties. To plant in a room you can choose a dwarf variety.

Avocados are fragile and easily blown by the wind. So, indoor planting is the best alternative to growing avocados well.

Avocado trees have thick green leaves, with white or ivory flowers. Avocado fruit is oval, oblong and even round. within the fruit in the center is a hole where the seeds are located. The flesh is green or yellow to brown. In general, avocados are divided into three varieties, namely West India, Guatemala, and Mexico.

How to Plant an Avocado Tree

The first step for planting an avocado tree is the same as planting tomatoes, choose the right location for growing avocados. Look for places that get enough sun exposure because avocados need good lighting. Also, pay attention to the direction of the wind so the avocado tree is not blown by the wind.

The soil condition must be loose which can absorb water well. If the soil does not have good porosity, add sand to the soil so that the water can flow properly.

Make a hole about 8 to 1o feet from the building so that the avocado roots do not hit the building.

Avocado Tree Growing

The easy way to grow avocados is with the seeds, you can choose large avocado seeds from perfectly ripe fruit. Clean the seeds, and soak them on the surface of the water (some seeds are submerged in water). You can see the picture below to find out how well. The tip of the slightly oval seed is placed upwards, because the bud will emerge from the gap of the seed.

Avocado Tree Care - How To Plant An Avocado

Wait 3 to 4 weeks, the shoot will appear and the roots will also appear. Wait a little longer until the roots extend about 7 inches. Then you can move it to the ground or pot.

Avocado Tree Care

Avocado planting should pay attention to the watering so that the soil remains moist. When the avocado is about 20 cm high, you can trim the twigs and leaves to grow new shoots that become a branch of the fruiting place.

In the first year of planting, give 1/2 cup of ammonium sulfate per month. When entering the second year add up to 1 cup per month. When he was 2 years old then the fertilizer could be 2 cups per month.

Avocado Tree Care - How To grow An Avocado Tree

Next, you don’t trim the branches again, just throw the dead branch. Usually in a year avocados can bear fruit several times.

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