About Us

Hi there! I am Ubaidillah, a planter who lives far in western Indonesia. I built this site as a space to share with friends around the world.

Through this site, I want to introduce how we gardening, grow vegetables and use the home page to grow plants. You can open page after page on this site to get gardening information from me.

You need to know, gardening eliminates boredom, avoiding stress and spreading, specially give us the happiness. Not only that, gardening can also provide a lot of economic benefits. The vegetables we plant can be consumed as healthy food and the rest can be sold to customers.

One of the plants I like the most is figs. In our area of Indonesia, figs are still rare and still a unique plant that has its own value. Selling grafted figs can have the opportunity to gain dollars.

This is only a glimpse of me as a planter and farmer. I’m sure you also like gardening, so through this site I share information about cultivation, gardening that can generate profit for the family. Gardening is not only a hobby but also as a purse of dollars.