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19 Types of British Birds that are Often Found in Garden

Types of British Birds that are Often Found in Garden

A garden is an extraordinary place for animal life such as birds. Various foods can be found in the garden. Various kinds of British birds can be found in the garden. Below is a list of British birds that are often found in your garden.

1. Robin

robin bird

One of the British birds is robin, this is a bird that is easily recognizable with a small body posture and a red color on the chest as if giving identity to all who are met. This bird can be found in gardens throughout the year, especially in the festive season so that this bird is often made as a symbol of Christmas for Christians.

2. Collared Dove

Collared Dove

This bird has many colors ranging from gray, pale, pink-gray to brown. One easy way to recognize this bird is that there are dark circles on the neck called “collars”, which also causes these birds to be called “collared”. In addition, there are other instructions that make it easy for you to know this bird in the garden. His legs and eyes are red, this will be clear when you are close to him. In addition, the collar bird also has a distinctive sound with a certain rhythm like the sound of a dove in general.

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3. Great Tit

Great Tit

Great Tit is the largest bird from the UK tit family. One way to recognize this tiny bird is to see the color of its white cheeks and black head. The yellow color on the side of the side is also characteristic and exudes beauty. This bird is always beautiful with two syllables. When winter arrives, Great Tit birds will join other Tit types. Usually, they form a herd.

4. Goldfinch


Goldfinch is one of the British garden birds that has beauty. Colorful colors with red faces, yellow wings, bright, and emit very beautiful tweets. In the warm season, Goldfinch birds are very much visiting English parks but when the cold seems like they move to other areas with warm air.

5. Blue Tit

Blue Tit

The blue tit is a colorful bird. The dominant colors are yellow and blue. If you go to the British garden, it’s easy to get to know this bird, the beauty of its distinctive feathers. They are looking for food to feed their extended family. When the cold season arrives, they usually go in groups.

6. Chaffinch


Chaffinch is another bird that you meet in the British garden. Usually, these birds play near bird feeders. They are the second common bird you meet there. You might see them jumping on the ground or on the fence to find food. His voice is loud and gives the impression of a song. Take a look!

7. Wood pigeon

Wood pigeon

Wood pigeon is the most common dove found in England. This type also includes the largest type of pigeon that you can find. In general, the fur is gray with a blend of white on the wings and neck. The sound is familiar and easy to recognize, and when flying it also has a familiar wing sound.

8. House Sparrow

House Sparrow

House Sparrow is a bird which leads to scarcity. In the UK, this bird has experienced a drastic decline so far. The striking sign of the House Sparrow bird is black and last champagne. While the beak is yellow and brown in winter. When entering the warm season, their beaks turn black.

9. Blackbird


Blackbird is another bird that you can find in British parks. This bird has a black color especially in males, while female birds have more diverse colors such as brown and black spots, and there are other patterns on the chest. Male birds can be known from the beak and the eyes are yellow-orange. His voice is usually identified with a mellow song.

10. Starling


Starling is unique and beautiful that is found in British parks. This bird appears black in the distance from the distance. However, when looking closely, we will find many white spots all over his body and there is a mixture of brown, purple. The shape is slightly smaller than Blackbird birds and they are a type of bird that lives in groups and likes to socialize. One of the indications is that they are noisy. From afar you already know if it is them, this very noisy voice is the first sign that you will meet starling birds in the British garden.

11. Magpie

Magpie British bird

Furthermore, the bird in the British garden is a Magpie, one of its distinctive features is having feathers with a mixture of black and white or monochrome. His noisy voice is also often a sign of recognizing this bird, besides that it has a long-term impact compared to other birds the size of it. In a closer shot, you will find a glossy purple on the neck and wings.

12. Carrion Crow

Carrion Crow

This is a shiny black bird all over its body. He is known as a brave and smart bird. If they find a safe place to eat, they will definitely be the place to eat for them so that every time they eat they will return there. This bird is often seen alone or in the herd.

13. Jay

Jay bird

This is also a type of crow and is among the most colorful of the type of crow, and this bird is easily found throughout Britain. This bird is difficult to find because they like the forest with lush leaves and gardens with coniferous trees. Jaybirds are famous for eating mainly oak seeds.

In autumn, these birds appear to bury their bodies in dust in preparation for winter.

14. Wren


This is a small bird with a round and slender shape. The tail is smooth and can stand upright or vertically. Although it looks small, but Wren has a loud voice for its size. This is the most common breed in the British.

15. Goldcrest


In the UK, maybe this is the smallest bird that can be found. The sign of this bird is brownish gray, its pale stomach, and its head has a striking yellow and black line. From their color, we can distinguish between male and female. The bird has an orange centerline, while the female does not.

16. Dunnock

Dunnock British Bird

Dunnock is a small bird but bigger than Goldcrest. This bird is brownish gray and not noisy like Wren birds. This bird has the habit of jumping around in flower and bush areas.

17. Coal Tit

Coal Tit

This bird has a more gray-black color compared to other species that tend to be colored. This tiny bird has a white color on the back of its neck. During the winter, Coal Tit usually joins other Tit birds and often forages together.

18. Long-tailed Tit

Long-tailed Tit

Birds in British gardens are more easily recognized, they have a distinctive color, pink and downy and gregarious. It seems that this bird has a large tail that exceeds its body size.

19. Greenfinch


Finally, the British bird is Greenfinch, this is another bird that inhabits the British garden. One characteristic of this bird is that it can display yellow and green flashes when flying. You can find this bird in the village park all year long. You can give interest to this bird with seeds, insects, but the foods that are most liked are sunflower seeds.