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How to Take Care of Succulents

how to take care of succulents

Succulent is a desert plant that can be cultivated in pots at home. However, because this is not in their original place, then to keep it healthy, beautiful and dashing we must treat our succulent well. Indeed, the beauty given by this plant is able to make many eyes amazed and wide-eyed, including you, right!

Ok, we will provide a simple way to treat your succulent to stay healthy. There are at least three tips that we provide, because if you do it right, then your succulent will live a healthy and provide beauty in your home.

3 Ways on How to Take Care of Succulents

1. Full sunlight

Succulent is a desert plant that can withstand dry temperatures. So, it’s no wonder you see succulent growing healthy without treatment in its place (desert). They need a lot of sunlight, so don’t inhibit them from the sun, give them as much exposure to the sun as possible.

If you have to put succulent pots indoor, do it but do not let them be exposed to the sun, especially the sun in the morning.

2. Lack of water is better than excess water

Once again, a succulent is a dry area plant that lives in the desert. If you lack water, this is still better than excess water. If the excess water in this plant will cause death because it can rot the roots.

Watering succulent must be like in its original place. In the sand, it is very rare to rain, but once there is rain it will flood and overflow. So, succulent watering is like that. It is enough to water once a week but wet the roots rather than watering every day. The rule is this, if it’s summer, water once a week. However, if it’s winter, you only need to water it once a month.

But maintaining a dry succulent is important because moisture often causes its roots to mold and rot. Most of the roots are so smooth that they are easy to rot, this should be your concern as a succulent cultivator.

Save and plant your small plants in pots that have good drainage. When there is water, the water must flow smoothly so that the roots are not submerged in water and rot. For this matter, you must buy a special pot designed for succulent plants instead of ordinary pots designed to maintain soil moisture.

Usually, if succulent really needs water, the leaves will shrink slightly and the soil will dry out. This is the right time to water it.

3. Be patience

Taking care of succulent requires high patience. This is an old plant in growth. If you see them not growing, that doesn’t mean you take care of them, but succulent growth is indeed slow. You need the patience to treat it like caring for bonsai plants.

Succulent growth usually occurs when the weather is sunny, warm and at other times it will stop growing. For example, in the winter, succulent will grace energy and it stops growing.