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How to Kill Spider Mites – Follow 4 Ways to Get Rid of Spider Mites

How to Kill Spider Mites rightly

What is that Spider Mites? Why did they have to be killed? Spider mites are a species of small spider, even the shape is almost invisible. However, Spider mites can be a danger and threat to your garden and plants. So I had to explain how to kill spider mites so that the plant is survived from dangerous.

Before preparing a tool to kill, first make sure that your garden is attacked by Spider mites. Once you are sure that your garden has them, you can do this removal process. You can use water spray from a hose or use Horticultural oil to treat widely infected gardens. Here are some ways to kill Spider mites easily.

1. Spotting Signs of Spider Mites

Look for suspicious spots on your plants such as brown or yellow spots. Spider mites can cripple and damage your plants, as well as leaves that fall from the tree. Notice, sometimes that happens because of this little spider. Always pay attention to your plants, are there nets that decorate the leaves or stems of young plants in your garden.

Another way is to find out whether there are Spider mites or not by using a magnifying glass. The size of a very small mite makes it hard for the naked eye to get it. Spider mites are only 1 mm in size so they are very small to be seen clearly by the human eye. If you find a small green object moving, maybe it is a leaf-eating mite. However, if it is yellow or brown it may be a beneficial predator that preys on mites.

How to Kill Spider Mites

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2. Removing Spider mites with Water

If you have detected spider mites on plants, then move the plants to another place before you start removing Spider mites. This recommendation is useful if you are planting potted plants. This is necessary so that spider mites do not move to other plants.

Take a water hose and spray it on infected plants. This is one way to kill Spider mites easily. Take a hose and face the leaves with mites, face down and spray. Also, spray on the bottom of the leaves to remove all existing Spider mites or those hiding behind the leaves of the plant.

Repeat once a week to kill all spider mites. Water can sometimes not kill the eggs behind the leaves, it is necessary to repeat spraying with water once a week to kill the mites that hatch from their eggs.

3. Using Horticultural Oil

Next, how to kill Spider mites is with horticultural oil solution. You can buy this oil at a garden shop or on the Amazon. Dissolve this oil with hot water, and read the instructions printed to find out how much water should be used.

There are two types of horticulture oil, for use in summer, use traditional horticulture oil. While for use in spring and fall season, use dormant horticultural oil.

Rain can affect horticultural oil, then lift the plants or pots into the garage first, then spray with plants. Rain and high humidity can affect this oil, so leave a few moments (plants that have been sprayed) in the garage. There are some trees that cannot be sprayed with horticultural oil, they are maple trees, cryptomeria, hickory trees, and spruce trees.

Spray the leaves thoroughly, the top and bottom until the mites and eggs die. Always shake the spray bottle before using it so that the water and oil can mix (both are difficult to unite). Horticultural oil is useful for killing spider mites, don’t use it on flowers because it can damage your flowers.

4. Preventing Spider Mite on Plant

Another way to keep plants from spider mites is to cut the parts of the plants affected by them. If you see spider mites making spider webs on the stems or leaves of plants, cut the infected parts of your plants using sharp scissors. Discard the part that has been cut away so as not to infect other stems. If possible, you can burn it with garbage.

Spray the fog of your plants, spider mites like a dry place, if it is damp it will stay away from plants. So it is important to spray plants with water several times a week. However, if you kill spider mites with horticultural oil, do not spray the plants because this can affect your plants and the oil is not useful.