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What Is Japanese Holly – How to Grow Japanese Holly Shrubs

How to Grow Japanese Holly Shrubs

Do you need shrub plants that can be a fence or to be planted on a fence. If so, then Japanese holly is the best choice. This plant with small green leaves with shiny green is perfect as a shrub that adorns the fence because it grows like a fence. Besides being beautiful, Japanese holly plants are also very easy to care for. If you want to know more, keep reading this article because we will provide information about Japanese holly plants more detail.

What is Japanese Holly Plants

Japanese holly plants are also called Ilex crenata. It grows into a round bush about 3 to 10 feet wide. The leaves are shiny with green and look like a compact. These plants have slow growth and some are slowing down. The flowers are greenish white with small shapes is the beautiful one. However, the flowers do not have a fragrant aroma. After blooming in spring, these flowers will turn into green fruit in summer.

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Shrubs Japanese holly is almost the same as boxwood plants, it functions as a perfect hedgerow. Japanese holly has a variety of flower colors, so choose the type that pleases you.

Japanese Holly Care

Japanese holly plants will grow well in areas with good drainage, have a lot of organic matter and light soil. In addition, the pH of the soil should not be too high so as not to experience iron deficiency. Also, Japanese holly does not like soil with high acidity. This plant can tolerate full sunlight, so it can be planted on open land or partially shaded land.

The humidity must always be maintained, it is necessary to run the water regularly. In addition, you can make mulch under the plants to maintain moisture. The best area for planting Japanese holly is zone 6-7 or 8, depending on the cultivar. In the winter, usually the leaves of this plant can be damaged, then choose a variant whose leaves are not hard.

One way to treat Japanese holly is pruning. do regular pruning to stimulate good growth. You can cut the ends of branches to be more rounded or square so that they look attractive aesthetically. For pruning, you can use pruning shears like pruning on boxwood plants.

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But if you like the shorter Japanese holly plants, you can choose the type of dwarf “Hetzii”, you do not need to trim this plant because of short growth, just need to trim the tips of the leaves. Usually, its growth is only about 36 inches above the ground.