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How To Prune A Fig Tree – Trimming A Fig

How To Prune A Fig Tree

How To Prune A Fig Tree – Figs are plants from the Mediterranean that are easily cultivated anywhere. To get a good fig tree, we must do the right treatment. Among the important treatments is to do pruning on branches that do not produce fruit or not grow well. Most planters can grow, but few can cut figs.

Read on this article, I will give you the right way to pruning a figs tree.

How to Prune Figs Trees After Transplanting

Pruning on figs should be done in a number of situations. Among them is after the first transplant.

How To Prune Fig Tree

When moving or planting a figs tree from a graft, you must trim it. This pruning is done after the figs grow and are carried out about half the height of the tree. The purpose of this pruning is to stimulate perfect root formation. In addition, pruning is also important to stimulate the growth of more side branches so that the fruit becomes thick.

The next pruning is done in the winter after transplantation. This is aim to keep figs healthy and big. Trim the branches, leave about 4-6 branches and the rest are cut in all.

How to Prune a Figs Trees After Established

For the next stage, pruning can be done in a season where figs are not active and usually the leaves experience loss.

The way to do pruning is to move the fruitless branches that you have chosen for bearing fruit previously. Besides that, the dead branches must also be removed. If you find a disease in the stem, it must also be pruned so that it does not catch the other stem.

Pruning also needs to do on the secondary branch (this is a branch that grows from the main stem) and it grows sideways more than 45 degrees. This branch pruning can remove all branches close to the primary stem. This branch will not produce optimal fruit.

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Pruning is on the main branch about 1/3 or 1/4. It aims to focus on figs to produce large, sweet fruit for the next year.

These are some of the important ways of trimming figs. This is done in the treatment of figs. The main goal of pruning is to produce branches that can produce large and delicious fruit. Branches that are too many may not be able to provide a lot of fruit, so pruning is important so that the tree gives its energy to produce delicious fruit.