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How to Plant Lemon Seeds, Follow Step by Step

How to Plant Lemon Seeds

How to Plant Lemon Seeds – Lemon is a fruit that is always needed for cooking and other purposes. Lemon is usually planted outside the shelter or garden. But this tree can also grow in pots placed in the room. He not only gives fruit but also gives beauty to you. The leaf is lush and the white flowers give a distinctive impression for beauty. White flowers will one day bloom and turn into enchanting fruits.

I have several lemon trees that grow in the yard and next to the house. However, if you are planted with lemon, you don’t need to wait for this plant to grow on its own behind your house, you can plant it from seeds that come from the fruit you buy. Save the seeds, you can try planting them in pots. When it’s big, you can move it to the home page.

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Indeed, the quick way to lemon slimming is by grafting or planting pieces of twigs, but this plant does not easily live carelessly. The best way to grow lemon is from the seeds that are sown. If you want to try planting lemon from seeds, follow the step by step I taught the following:

How to Plant Lemon Seeds

See the following what you need:

1. A lemon

Provide ripe lemons. You can buy it in a vegetable shop. Make sure that you buy an organic lemon because most non-organic can not germinate so your efforts will be in vain.

As long as the seeds come from organic lemons, you can try them. If you want to grow lemon in the room, maybe you can choose the “Meyer” variety. This is a type of small lemon that is usually planted as decoration. If in the room, this is very suitable for cultivation, besides getting fruit, this lemon can also provide the beauty of your room.

2. Preparing the soil

A good soil for growing lemon is a mixture of several ingredients. I suggest using a mixture of perlite, peat, vermiculite and organic fertilizer. Every lemon seed that I plant in a pot that I have filled with this mixture grows well. So, I consider this method is successful and you can try it at home by your self.

3. Providing pots.

The pot you provide must have a hole in it for the outflow of water. Use a pot that has a diameter of 4 to 6 inches. While the depth is about 6 inches. If one day it develops, you must move it into a larger pot.

In a large container, the lemon will grow freely and the roots will also move freely so that the growth process is not disturbed.

4. Location in a sunny spot

Lemon trees need a lot of light, so you have to put in a place that is not blocked by sunlight. During germination, lemon needs about 10 to 14 hours of light per day. So, if you put the pot in the room, make sure that the light can enter properly, use a glass window or place it on the outside wall of the house that is exposed to the sun.

How to Grow Lemon Seeds

How to grow Lemon Seeds

1. Wet the soil you will use, to make it easier, put the soil in a bucket and give water until the soil is wet.

2. Then put the wet soil into a pot or container. Leave the room under the pot about 1 inch for air circulation.

3. Cut the lemon and take the seeds, select seeds that are full and dense. Enter into the mouth and suction until all the lemon and taste disappear. Don’t dry the lemon seeds, keep the seeds moist until you are ready to put in the soil.

4. Plant your seed. Plant lemon seeds by putting some seeds into the soil. Then cover the top with soil gently. Water with water so that the lemon seeds are always moist and easy to germinate.

5. Cover the pot with plastic that can breathe, this is to maintain the moisture and warmth of the lemon seeds. Use used plastic that has been stabbed with thorns. Then tie or use rubber to keep the plastic from opening.

6. The next step is to put the pot in a warm place. Check after a few days. The seeds that you plant need warmth and moisture to germinate. Also, pay attention to not too much water. Too much water and too warm can also make the seeds rot. So, keep the balance so it is not too warm and too moist. If the media you use is warm, then you don’t need to use plastic to cover the top.

7. After two weeks you will see lemon seeds germinate. If you still use plastic cover, remove it and place the pot in a place that is exposed to direct sunlight. If you put it in the room, maybe you need to make artificial light from the lamp.

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8. Provide care and see the development of lemon seeds.

How to Plant Lemon Seed

Follow the following steps to provide treatment for lemon seeds that have germinated.

  • Flush. Don’t let your lemon seeds dry, always pay attention to soil moisture especially when lemon is young.
  • Sunlight. Place your pot in a place that the sun can reach well. Otherwise, you need to provide artificial light.
  • Food. To make it easier to grow, you need to provide food for your plants. Give nutrients to the soil so that it is absorbed by the roots. Give organic fertilizer such as compost and vermicompost. At a minimum, you must provide fertilizer twice a year.
  • Love. This is the most important step, without loving the lemon plant you will not be able to treat it optimally. So, love plants, see their development and talk to them.