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How to Grow Green Beans and When to Harvest

How to Grow Green Beans

This time we will plant green beans. There are lots of mentions for these vegetable beans. Maybe you call it “string beans”, “haricots verts”, “snap beans” or green bean like I mentioned. Whatever the name is on your side, this vegetable plant is a type of plant that is easy to grow and good for plants for beginners. Do you want to try cultivating green beans on a small scale? If this is what you want, read on this article because we will provide information about how to grow green beans.

Green beans have many variants, colors, shapes, and places to grow like cold regions and tropical regions. This plant is suitable for planting in open land, but you can also plant it in containers.

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One of the unique benefits of growing green beans is being able to spread soil. The roots of green beans release nitrogen, thus providing soil porosity and fragility. That is, planting beans in open land is very good for fertility and planting other vegetables in the next phase.

Before you decide to buy green beans and plant green beans, there are other things that are important to know. Green beans or string beans need a buffer to grow optimally. You can use a buffer from bamboo that has been cut or twisted in another plant. If there are no supports, the green beans will grow on the ground like weeds and of course, the growth will not be maximal.

How to Grow Green Beans

Green beans should be planted in the warm season or when the ice season passes. Planting the seeds is done in one-inch depth, but if the planting is in an area with a dry climate, the depth of the seeds is around 2 inches to maintain moisture.

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If the goal of planting green beans is to meet family needs, estimate about 10-15 sticks for each person. When green beans have been planted, keep the soil moist. Then, after the growth reaches 4 inches or leaves, do the organic mulch on the stem. The purpose of mulch is to maintain soil moisture, prevent weeds and save water.

How to grow green beans is very easy. In addition to warm temperatures, plant in a place that is exposed to full sunlight and has good drainage so that it is not flooded. If the water is stagnant, the root system will be disrupted which in turn causes the plants to die

If your plants grow maximally, then after 60 days (depending on variety), you will see this plant produces vegetables.

Harvest Time for Green Beans

Harvesting green beans or pole beans are done when they are young or still soft. If it is old, the pole beans will be hard and not tasty in cooking vegetables.

To keep the plants from being damaged, try picking them in both hands. One holds the stem and the other hand rotates the beans. To get a lot of green beans, try to harvest several times a week. If you often harvest, more green beans will appear.