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How Does Broccoli Grow – How to Grow Broccoli In Garden

How Does Broccoli Grow

Broccoli is a delicious vegetable that is of concern to many vegetarians. This plant grows in cold areas or highlands and is planted in the early spring and early fall. Broccoli is a vegetable that is still a family with cabbage and mustard.

Growing your own broccoli in the yard or in a vegetable garden is the best choice. These are vegetables full of nutrients on the planet that we inhabit. Why grow it yourself? Broccoli includes plants that are easy to grow in cold climates. Even though housewives are very easy to grow these vegetables. If you want to grow broccoli in a vegetable garden or behind a house, you should know the following.

About Broccoli

Even though it’s still one family with cabbage, broccoli is different. Kubi is taken as a vegetable leaf while broccoli is grown to take a healthy flower head. Broccoli flowers are taken before they mature or bloom, otherwise they will lose their taste and portion of nutrients.

There are many types of broccoli that can be planted, including large-headed broccoli, to spicy varieties or spicy broccoli Raab, there are also Romanesco varieties and sprouting. Broccoli usually only has one flower in the middle of the stem, but there are also varieties that have many small flowers beside large flowers. So, before you start broccoli planting, know this information well.

How Does Broccoli Grow

Broccoli is a winter vegetable that likes a temperature of 60s and still survives at a temperature of 20s. Many gardeners or vegetable farmers plant broccoli in early spring for the main harvest, then let the broccoli plant grow again for the second harvest in the fall.

The heat in summer causes broccoli “bolt” and produces seeds. This can eliminate the typical taste of broccoli and texture. But there are also varieties of broccoli that are heat resistant compared to some other varieties.

For lighting, broccoli needs full sun. At least, plants high in folic acid need sunshine 4-5 hours a day.

A good soil for growing broccoli is having a pH of 6 because it is a short plant, then the soil must be dry and loose. The high-quality soil is important for planting broccoli, you can add compost and make mounds or beds to maintain good drainage.

When harvesting broccoli it takes 3-4 months from the time of planting. For more details, you can see our article in “when to harvest broccoli“.

Tips for Planting Broccoli

Broccoli is the same as mustard greens, it is better to grow it in a small pot, then transfer it to the garden. Plant seeds with a depth of 1/4 to 1/2 inch, after 5 weeks you can transfer them to the garden.

When spring, immediately planting seeds that have grown into the garden. When transplanting, plant a little deeper than planting in a pot.

The spacing is between 18-inch between broccoli plants. This is intended so that every plant can get enough nutrients and the body can be healthier.

Tips for Growing Broccoli

Fertilization is important in planting broccoli, this is a plant that needs a lot of fertilizer. You can provide compost or organic fertilizer. Organic fertilizer application is balanced every once a month.

Just like other green slices, broccoli needs a lot of water but cannot be flooded. The soil must always be moist dry. Water with one inch of water a week. Watering is important to encourage strong root growth so that plants become fertile.

How Does Broccoli Grow

And it doesn’t need to be difficult with pests and diseases because broccoli doesn’t have many pests. Among the pests that often interfere are snails, aphids, and cabbage worms.

If you grow broccoli in spring, your plants will age quickly and the seeds harden. To overcome this, you must keep the soil moist. So, use organic mulch from straw and water. Straw will maintain soil moisture so broccoli does not age quickly. Another important thing to note is the administration. If in spring, you have to harvest more often because broccoli flowers usually age quickly.

Broccoli Harvest Time and Store

If you see that broccoli has grown and is sturdy and its color is green, then this is the time to harvest your broccoli. But if the flowers are yellowing and splitting, you’re late. Broccoli flowers are ripe and lose flavor.

How to Harvest broccoli: Harvest broccoli with a sharp knife. Cut the main stem under the flower or flower head. The plants can continue to be treated and produce flowers on the side of the stem that is smaller in shape. but it’s not a problem because the taste remains the same.

How to Store: Before using, wash broccoli and cut into small pieces. Put in an airtight bag, store in the freezer. Broccoli can last 5 to one week.